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(ECD013-US3)External USB 3.0 12.7mm DVD Burner
Updatetime: 2017-06-23
Product Abstract:
Type: ECD013-US3 Material: ABS plastic
Specification:   138x140x19mm
Stock:    2000pcs
   plug and play, easy to assembly
Products Detail

1.plug and play, easy to assembly, insert ODD directly, don’t need to open the enclosure
2). USB interface, suitable for any laptop and desktop computers
3). Colors: red, sapphire blue, black, white,and transparent one for your chioce etc.
4)Single Weight: 0.2kg;   Size: 138x140x19mm
5) Support Window2K/XP/2003/Vista/7, Linux , Mac 10 OS

External DVD Burner USB 3.0 12.7mm  fashionable ODD (sata) Cady

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