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2016 Global Sources Hongkong Exhibition

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Global resources exhibition was held in Hongkong from October 11th to 14,2016.It displayed a number of mobile electronic products, including smart phones, tablet PCs, wearable devices and unmanned aerial vehicles.As the largest exhibition in Asia,it able to attract high-quality buyers.This show opened in Asian International Expo,near Hongkong airport.Our company's main products include the padlock 256 AES Encrypted External HDD Caddy,SSD Caddy,USB3.0 External Blue-Ray DVDRW and 2nd SSD Caddy for 12.7mm/9.0mm ODD Laptop.In this exhibition, we achieved great sales profit and  won the uniformity recognition from our customers.The picture was shown belowe.
this is 2016 Global Sources Hongkong Exhibition image
this is 2016 Global Sources Hongkong Exhibition image

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